Monday, December 22, 2014

Ubuntu Photo and Xubuntu Photo - New Versions based on 14.04 LTS

Its time for some updates to my Ubuntu Photo and Xubuntu Photo customization of the respective Ubuntu versions. And they are not insignificant. The new versions (that can be downloaded here and here) are now based on the 14.04 LTS code branch.

These are completely new/fresh installs with all applicable updates and a few core applications installed from PPAs to ensure being up to date beyond the official repositories.

New for the Xubuntu Photo includes an XFCE Ambiance theme set as default that brings about a look more similar to the mainline Ubuntu release. There are also additional plug-ins and scripts loaded into The Gimp program (which also loads into single window mode by default). These changes to the base systems my customizations are based on are detailed in the short README file I have created. This can be seen when viewing the file lists on my Sourceforge page or via direct download link here.

Going forward, this is likely my last update to Ubuntu Photo based on the mainline Ubuntu LTS. I have switched to the XFCE based Xubuntu on my own laptop and while I really like the five year support cycle and with the mainline Ubuntu, I don't like all the feature removal and elimination of the ability to configure that seems to be coming more and more to the GNOME core.

I plan on continuing to update the Xubuntu Photo with each new LTS release of Xubuntu. While the five years of support would be nice, some of the core applications I use the most typically only support the current LTS, so getting 2-3 years without having to upgrade the OS version and have everything else current is plenty tolerable.



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