Thursday, October 17, 2013

My Customized Ubuntu Listed on Softpedia

My Photography geared customization of Ubuntu, which I so creatively called Ubuntu Photo, has been listed on Softpedia.  A bit of an unexpected, albeit pleasant surprise! You can find the link here and see their brief write up.

I originally had a base system geared toward general users, but have since decided to scrap that and focus solely on my photography geared version. Long term I would like to further my customization beyond the default fall-back mode and extra set of applications.

I would also like to do a customized Xubuntu version, but it will take a bit more research on the customizations with XFCE as Remastersys does not keep all the user customizations and the desktop stays the same as the default Xubuntu (that I am not wild about).



Wednesday, October 9, 2013

64 Bit Version of My Custom Ubuntu Available

I now have a 64bit version of my customized Ubuntu completed and uploaded to SourceForge. This is only the photography geared version and I am done with my 'base' version and will only be maintaining the Photo version.

In this version, Skype is out and Audacity is in (for editing audio to possibly use with a DVD).  It also has Shotwell .14.1 and the 3.5 Kernel from Ubuntu 12.10 as opposed to the 3.2 series originally released with 12.04.

You can check out the download link here, enjoy!