Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Good news about Gimp Development from Libre Graphics World

According to a post on Libre Graphics World, the Gimp development team is likely looking at saving an obstacle to the Gimp 2.8 release for a future release to prevent further delays of the 2.8 release date. This change hasn't been reflected on the Official Schedule for the release of the next version, currently projected for January of 2012 and being pushed back nearly every day.

In my opinion, The Gimp program has huge potential for a graphics editing program but at least two factors are holding it back at this time. First, for those used to other programs the floating windows that make up the user interface can be a nightmare to work with and be especially confusing for new users. This is even more apparent on smaller screens where you have little room to lose for the main image window. This will be eliminated when 2.8 is finally released with the single window mode.

The second part is the pace of development. While I am not a fan of the rapid release schedules seen in some open source software, development that is too slow can be even more frustrating. The Gimp could definitely benefit from a quicker release schedule as the current development pace can feel painfully slow. Getting bug fixes and new releases out to the public sooner rather than later is definitely a plus. To accomplish this, the Gimp simply needs more developers on the team.

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